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Firstly please let me give you a huge big virtual hug of congratulations on your engagement! ***SQUUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE!***

Your wedding day is going to be an absolute treasure trove of love, smiles, fun and laughter and I want to capture it all for you as your wedding photographer! The bits you see and the bits you don’t. So that once you are married you will be able to look back and re-live, re-visit and re-capture the feelings you had again and again forever, remember all the joy you felt at the start of your new lives together and share that with future generations, family and friends. Oh gawd, I’m tearing up already and I don’t even know you yet!!!

One of my recent brides gave me the biggest compliment ever, saying, ‘You were everywhere and nowhere,’ and that just perfectly sums up how I want you to feel about the photography on the day of your wedding. I am there to create as many beautiful memories for you as possible but subtly, discreetly and unobtrusively.

No need to worry if you or your partner are nervous about having your picture taken. It is my job to take a good picture, not yours, so the pressure is off! Plus, a lot of the time you will hardly know that I am there. Relax, enjoy and drink it all in knowing that I will be taking care of the pictures for you.

Take a peek at some of my lovely bride + grooms big days in more detail here.

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Look at this gallery for some of my favourite images from my lovely clients! You can click on an image and scroll through for a closer look.


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