Of course, I’ve put together this privacy policy to make sure Elyse Marks Photography is compliant with the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) but a happy side effect of that is being able to reassure you as a client or potential client that safeguarding your privacy is extremely important to me. Here I will be explaining when, why and how I collect information about you so this will be an exciting 5 minute read for you. If there is anything you are unsure of or want to ask please contact me using the details at the bottom of this page. Right now, grab a coffee, pop a couple of pro plus and let’s do this. I promise I’ll be gentle and that you can have a scroll on instagram in just a few minutes…


I am Elyse Clapman (Marks is my mum’s maiden name). I am your photographer and, in this instance, the data controller. I collect your info, store and delete it when it’s no longer needed. If you would like to hire me (yay!) or enquire about hiring me (oh hai!) I will need to be able to contact you to find out what you need, decide if I can do it for you and then actually provide it. For that I’ll need:

  • your name (so I know who you are)
  • your email address (so I can email you to find out what you need and ask you any questions I may have about your event)
  • your phone number (so I can call you if we need to talk something through or if I need to contact you on the day of your event)
  • your address (so I can send you a USB stick to you in the post with your lovely images on it and perhaps send you a letter if you don’t pay me!)

If I have someone working with me at your event I will share with them your name and the event location. I may give them contact telephone numbers in case of emergency. Aside from that, no-one has access to this information but me and one trusted emergency contact who in the event of my severe illness or death (eeek!) can access the information to let you know the situation and arrange cover for the work you have instructed me for. I do not sell info or do data profiling and am not involved with any data miners. They sound dull AF.

After I’ve provided you with awesome photography, we’ve had a hug goodbye and you’ve received your gallery full of memories, I may contact you again with a relevant offer on services (print sales, discount code etc.) or a newsletter about what I’ve been up to (although I’ve been doing this for nearly 9 years and have sent out a total of 0 newsletters so you should be safe). If we’ve got on well I may email you if a funny thing happens and it makes me think of you. If at any time you want me to stop contact just let me know.


As well as storing your details in my password protected email inbox I use a client management system called Light Blue to keep things organised. All contracts are stored in this system. I also ask for information on your event in a day in detail form and this is stored on my password-protected external harddrives. Your completed images are stored in password-protected external harddrives at my home office and on a password-protected harddrive at my parent’s address. They cannot access it. Your complete gallery is also stored in a password protected online gallery with a company called Pixieset. They have no access to your data and are GDPR compliant.


When deciding on a photographer it’s important see examples of past work so you know they are up to the job. For me to continue to attract new clients and grow my business I may want to share some of the images I take for you in the ways below. As per our contract, I own the copyright for the images I take of your event. However, you’re my client and your happiness is more important to me than a blog post so if you don’t want any images of your event shared in one or more of the following ways, just let me know and I will keep them private. If you have any questions at all on this please do get in touch!

I may share images:

  • on my website in a gallery or blog post
  • on a third party blog (you would be contacted before this happened)
  • on my social media channels (facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedin)
  • in marketing materials (brochures, banners or private online galleries I may share with prospective clients)


You have the right to ask for confirmation, access, rectification and erasure of your data at any time. Just let me know.


I only collect and store the data necessary or beneficial for me to carry out the job you have employed me to do and if at any point in our working relationship you have concerns over that data just get in touch and I’m happy to take whatever steps necessary to put you at ease.


07932 038 165

You made it all the way to the end! Well done. You deserve some cake or something 🙂