Is it odd to start an ‘about me’ page by talking ‘about you’?! Ah well, here goes! I want to send out giant laserbeams of gratitude to all my lovely clients – past, present and future. You guys allow me to share, capture and create memories of some of the most awesome parts of your lives. Marrying your best friend? Click! Welcoming an incredible miraculous new human being to the world and to your family? Click! All the crew together celebrating, laughing, dancing and just super-duper loving each other? Click, click, clickclickclickclick! Photography for me is about connection. It’s love. People hugging tight, the laughter – little giggles to huge giant belly laughs ’til you fall off your chair! It’s real, beautiful moments to cherish now, in ten years and in 50 years. It’s your future family album pored through over and over by you, by your children, their children and theirs. And at the end of it all I want you to say, ‘We didn’t realise we were making memories, we were just having fun!’

TLDR (too long didn’t read!); I think you’re awesome, let’s make some memories!!!

Anyway, enough about you! Here’s a bit about me:

I finally got my own gaff! Living in lovely Old Harlow and slowly getting used to the switch from the Central Line to National Rail.

london documentary style photographer about me

I’ve got a lovely fiancé myself and he has an awesome beard!

natural family photography about me about me

Real aunty to 3 (one a fluffy white dog!) and honourary aunty to lots and lots of gorgeous little people who just fill my heart with happiness.

family photographer london about me

I thank my lucky stars every day that I get to do this unbelievably wonderful, important and fun job.

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My parents are my best friends.

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FOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! I couldn’t live without you. Literally, obviously. But, seriously, feed me and I’m yours!

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Love is love. Full stop. No time for anyone who thinks otherwise.

My friends are my life. End of.